Originally Published: December 14, 2018 

Receipt of Final Report 

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) received the final report from Investigator Senator Murray Sinclair regarding the investigation into the Thunder Bay Police Services Board. The final report can be accessed here. 

The OCPC has accepted the substantive findings of the investigation and it is of the opinion that the Board’s repeated failures to address the concerns of the Indigenous community constitute an emergency. 

Appointment of Administrator 

Effective Friday December 14, 2018, the OCPC has issued an order to appoint an administrator of the TBPSB. 

The Administrator will perform specified functions with respect to police matters, including:

  • Temporarily exercise all of the powers of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board (TBPSB) while the TBPSB is reconstituted in the interim period; and
  • Carry out all the functions and responsibilities of the TBPSB, including the creation of an appropriate policy framework until new members are appointed and have received appropriate and relevant training.  

The OCPC has appointed Mr. Thomas Lockwood as the Administrator for the initial term of one year, reserving to itself the power to extend the term, if necessary. Mr. Lockwood is a well-respected lawyer and was selected due to his significant experience in relation to the justice system, policing and public law. 

The Order in the matter of appointing an Administrator can be publicly accessed from the Canadian Legal Information Institute’s (CanLII) website. CanLII is an online platform that offers free public access to tribunal and court decisions. 

The provision of effective and adequate police services in accordance with a municipality’s needs is essential to municipal governance and safety. As a result, all members of the Thunder Bay community, including members of the Board and the Service, will benefit from improved civilian oversight. 

Quick Facts 

  • The OCPC launched an investigation into the Thunder Bay Police Services Board due to serious concerns about the state of civilian police oversight and public confidence in the delivery of police services in Thunder Bay. 
  • The OCPC investigation is not punitive and not directed to any specific conduct issues. Ultimately, there is a public interest in ensuring that the Board is meeting its obligations. 

Background Information 

  • The Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) is an independent, quasi-judicial agency. It is one of five tribunals in the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario cluster. 
  • The OCPC has a broad mandate, including ensuring that police service boards are providing sufficient oversight of police services in a manner that ensures adequate and effective police services in the community and that maintains public confidence in the delivery of policing. 
  • The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) is an independent, arms-length agency that works to identify and offer solutions to systemic or ongoing issues within police services and is responsible for performing audits to ensure the complaints system is being administered effectively. It is also responsible for administering public complaints about police in Ontario. 

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