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We are dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability within the Thunder Bay Police Service. 

By building collaboration and trust with our community, we strive to deliver effective police services that champion understanding, inclusivity, and safety for all.


Encouraging open communication between our community, the Board, and the Service is at the core of our work. We aim to provide accurate information that is accessible to all parties to ensure a collaborative effort during our decision-making processes.
Accountability is a fundamental principle of effective police services. The Members of the Board will hold ourselves and the Service accountable for all of our actions. To ensure that fairness and trust are our guiding principles, we welcome opportunities to learn and improve.
We value the unique perspectives of our diverse community. We remain committed to building a strong relationship with those we serve and will continue to support meaningful ways for the public to participate actively in our proceedings.

Role of the Board

The Thunder Bay Police Service Board is a civilian body that is tasked with providing adequate and effective police services within Thunder Bay. It is accountable to the community, and to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. The role of the Board is defined by Section 31 of the Police Services Act.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Role of the Chief

As per Section 41 of the Police Services Act, the Chief of Police is responsible for:
While the Chief of Police makes all operational decisions, the Board may alter the scope of the Chief’s responsibilities by revising its policies.

Meet the Board

The Thunder Bay Police Service Board is made up of five civilian members: two members of City Council, one community representative appointed by City Council, and two community representatives appointed by the Province.